Listed below are some of our current exhibits.  Our Artists are very active and exhibit often all around the South Shore.  Some even exhibit in other parts of the country as well.

Nantasket Beach Resort

Ongoing Exhibit:  Life is a beach and we're on it!

Nantasket Beach Resort, 45 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA, Lobby's Arcade. T. 781-925-4500

The hotel is a premier sponsor of Hull Artists and hosts a permanent exhibit of the Hull Artists organization.  The exhibit, which changes each summer and winter, is open to the public.

Bridgeman’s Bistro on Nantasket Beach

Bridgeman’s is one of Hull Artists' newest sponsors. Bridgeman's Bistro invites Hull Artists to exhibit three times a year. allowing diners to view our exhibits.

Bridgeman’s, 145 Nantasket Avenue, Hull. Hours are posted on their website. T: 781.925.6336.

Exhibiting Artists:

August to November 2016. Bridgeman's Features Hull Artist, Trish Turner.  “Acrylics facilitate manifesting the infinite hues, tonalities and light around me.”

Future exhibits will be posted soon.

Hammond Residential Real Estate Hosts Bi-annual Exhibitions Of Hull Artists’ Original Works

Hammond generously allots Hull Artists exhibit space in its South Coast office in Hull and hosts wine and cheese receptions with our artists to celebrate each new exhibit. Exhibits and Receptions are open to the public.



Reception: Sunday, May 29, 2016 from 2 to 4pm

Exhibition: November 2016 through April 2017

The Paragon Gallery, Hull Town Hall

Set inside the foyer of Town Hall in The Paragon Gallery, Hull Artists are delighted to have a permanent exhibition space allotted! Every exhibition features two artists’ work, with each artist's work occupying one wall. The showing changes quarterly, conveniently offering citizens a refreshing creative interlude with each exhibition. The Town Hall Exhibit is open to the public during business hours.  Please drop in!

2016-2017 Schedule:


Sandy Weeks & Rita Walsh


Donna Goes & Colleen MacDonald


Randy Veraguas & Bart Blumberg

October-January 2017:        

Marianne Buckley Curran & Sue Hagstrom