Gail Walsh

Gail Walsh’s lifelong interest in making art is thanks to her mother. “My passion for drawing and creativity has been with me since childhood. My mother had an art teacher come to our house and give me drawing lessons at an early age. She grew up when women had few employment options other than secretarial work so she wanted her daughter to have this advantage.”  

She has studied in New York, Boston and the Boston area. Currently she works mostly in watercolors; “I've experimented with various media but watercolor is my favorite.” Artist C. Robert Perrin, who lived and painted watercolors on Nantucket, made a significant impression on Gail who prefers “work done in a loose style.”

She draws her inspiration from nature, especially the ocean and the sky and prefers to render outdoor scenes in watercolor. She will make a sketch first and then paint it. Today most of her work consists of watercolors and greeting cards. She is a member of the South Shore Artists Association and Hull Artists.