Elizabeth Lee Taylor aka Betsy Taylor

Drawing everything that caught my interest, setting it down with a minimum of fuss, was my great joy. Sketchbooks were my favorite medium! But taking on jobs in commercial illustration slowed that process down and allowed me to branch into painting. Every so often I jolt back to fresh, fast and crisp paintings, as you can see in the two portraits on this page. Catching not only a likeness, but the essence of a place or person is truly what I set out for, in any medium. The personality.

With the help of a Scholastic Gold Key award for my portfolio in high school (Pittsford Sutherland in Western NY) I attended Rhode Island School of Design and took a BFA in Illustration.

I was employed as an illustrator for Rumrill Hoyt Advertising in Rochester, then Sarah Coventry in Newark, NY, then married and went free-lance, where I have been ever since.

With a group of professional artists I helped form the Earth & Arts Center in a historic stone gristmill in our village of Honeoye Falls in 1994. We reorganized it as a non-profit for art classes with a fantastic gallery to help support it, becoming Mill Art Center & Gallery.

For 18 years I taught drawing and painting, hung the exhibits and sold my works and the art of hundreds of artists. Most of them became members enthusiastically supporting our gallery. I managed the Arts Center until we moved to Beverly, then, a year later, Hull. Teaching avid artists-to-be is a thing I miss dearly.

Eager to pick up the thread, I am happy to join Hull Artists and put my efforts into another arts center, here.  I am using my experience as a  member of the ExhibitsCommittee and the Gallery Hanging Committee.
Commissions for personal paintings of special places and portraits are welcome.
To contact me via email: betsy@gifmon.org