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From our humble beginnings in 1995 where the group first was envisioned… To advancing the HA mission in 2013-15 to forge local business partnerships resulting in numerous art exhibitions (Hammond Residential Realty, Town Hall Foyer, Nantasket Beach Resort Hotel, Nautical Jo’s Plein Aire Festival, and Bridgeman’s Bistro)… To opening our own fine art and craft gallery in December 2012, Gallery Nantasket, at 121 Nantasket Ave… And continuing growth of our annual Open Studios Art Tours! Oh how we have evolved!

How Far Have We Come?

2015 marked Hull Artists’ 20th year since opening its studios and showing off our art-making free to the public, then and now. We accomplished this despite limited resources, but always with the dedicated support of our membership who volunteered their time and efforts to drive us forward.

The Future

From our 20th year forward, we now find ourselves at a critical junction.  Our strategic plan consists of ambitious plans to grow our membership, expand community participation, and increase the number of our business partnerships.  And perhaps, the most ambitious goal is to realize a long-standing dream — to open up a community Art Center.  In doing so, we hope to expose a broader base of our community to art appreciation. We plan to establish an Art Center where Hull Artists will have its own gallery, offer art classes, partner with Hull Schools, and invite Hullonians and our South Shore neighbors for educational events. To prepare for future growth, we applied to the IRS for a 501(c)3 non-profit tax-exempt status and received it in early 2016.

Support Hull Artists

We invite all supporters and art appreciators to help us take our first step towards this dream by making a modest tax deductible donation of $100 (larger gifts are always welcome) in 2019-20.  You can make a vital mark in expanding the mission of the Arts in Hull.

We happily accept donations in support of Hull Artists’ Mission. Checks should be payable Hull Artists, P.O. Box 277, Hull, MA 02045, annotated “donation.” Or you can simply donate via PayPal on the right.

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