Exhibits & Sales Locations

Exhibits & Events Schedule for 2021 – 2022

Dates* Location of Exhibits

Nov 18, 2021 – Feb 17   Nantasket Beach Resort Exhibit

Dec 1, 2021 – Feb 26   Gallery Nantasket “Winter Collection”

Jan 20 – April 21        Hull Town Hall Exhibit, Sue Hagstrom and Colleen MacDonald

Feb 17 – May 5   Nantasket Beach Resort Exhibit

Feb 27 – May 29   Gallery Nantasket “Spring Collection”

April 21 – July 21   Hull Town Hall Exhibit, Bill Smyth and Ruth Mullen

May 5 – June 16  Nantasket Beach Resort Exhibit, Juried show

May 29 – Aug 28   Gallery Nantasket “Summer Collection”

July 9 & 10*    OPEN STUDIOS (TBD)

July 21 – Oct 20   Hull Town Hall Exhibit.  Todd Duclos and Rita Walsh

June 16 – Sept 8   Nantasket Beach Resort Exhibit

Aug 27 & 28*   OPEN STUDIOS (TBD)

Aug 31 – Nov 27    Gallery Nantasket “Fall Collection”

Oct 20 – Jan 26, 2023   Hull Town Hall Exhibit,  Avis Pinkos and Donna Goes

Sept 8 – Nov 17    Nantasket Beach Resort Exhibit

Nov 17 – Feb 9, 2023   Nantasket Beach Resort Exhibit

Nov 30 – Mar 1, 2023   Gallery Nantasket “Winter Collection”

* Some dates are tentative and subject to change. Updates will be available on our website: hull.artists.com/exhibits

Listed below are the current Hull Artists locations where artworks by members are on display and for sale.
Our Artists are very active and exhibit often all around the South Shore.


The Gallery is located in the ground level of the Ocean Place Condominiums (across from Nantasket Beach).

Gallery Nantasket is owned and operated by Hull Artists, a nonprofit regional arts association with about 90 members.  More than 26 fine artists and artisan crafters exhibit and sell their work at the Gallery. The Gallery is staffed by exhibiting artists who can tell you about the artists and their art.

Hull Artists promotes locally produced fine art and craft though exhibits, workshop, events, and our year-round Gallery for the benefit of artists, visitors, and residents of the town and region.

Gallery Nantasket is located on 121 Nantasket Ave., Hull, MA 02045 | 781-780-1188.
Gallery Hours: Wednesday – Sunday: 10:00 to 4:00


“The Paragon Gallery” at Hull Town Hall

Set inside the foyer of the Town Hall in The Paragon Gallery, Hull Artists is delighted to have a permanent exhibition space! Every exhibition features two artists’ work, with each artist’s work occupying one wall. Sheila Connor is Hull Artists’ curator at this location.  The showing changes quarterly, conveniently offering citizens a refreshing creative opportunity with each exhibition.

January 20th to April 21, 2022
Susan Hagstrum photography
Colleen MacDonald, dyed and stitched fabric


Nantasket Beach Resort

45 Hull Shore Drive, Hull, MA

A grand exhibit of Hull Artists artwork is on along the side corridor off the reception area from November 18th – February 10th.  The following artist are presenting: Bart Blumberg, Susan Etkind, Donna Goes, PJ Kaszas, Whit Leffel, Joe McKendry, Irwin Nesoff, Avis Pinkos, Betsy Taylor, Rita Walsh, Sandra Weeks, & Lara Williams


Nantasket Sweets by Swedes

165 Nantasket Avenue, Hull MA

Come taste the sweet delights of Hull’s new candy store,  Along with a wide variety of candies and chocolates see the artwork of 5 local HA members: Betsy Taylor, Judy Green, John Marshall Dyke, Rich Foley, & Sandra Weeks   All artwork is for sale.

Cohassett Senior Center

91 Sohier Street, Cohassett


Nancy Lafauce, director of Cohasset’s Elder Affairs Department, invited Hull Artists to exhibit our members’ artwork at Willcutt Commons, the town’s new five-year-old Senior Center.  The facility is located at 91 Sohier Street, near the South Shore Music Circus.  The exhibit will be rotated every couple of months thus displaying a variety of artwork by various Hull Artists members.    Betsy Taylor is the curator for this exhibit.
Jocelyn Dana Thomas is exhibiting at the Cohasset Senior Center until April 27, 2022 see her work below.