Susan Hagstrom and Betsy Taylor


Accepted Artists

Joan Appel – “The Wake”
Bart Blumberg – “Beaver Moon”
Stephen Boczanowski – “Fishing Trawlers”
Marianne Buckley-Curran – “Atlantic Coastline”
Paul Carley – “View along Scituate’s Driftway”
Robert Carter – “Lauds by the Sea”
Susan Champagne – “Daddy’s Beach Club Nantasket”
Todd Duclos – “Beach Entry”
Rich Foley – Bay View Sunset Hull”
Paul Goes – “Liberte”
Donna Goes – “Boston Light”
Judy Green – “World’s End”
Susan Hagstrom – “Summer”

Amanda Herzog – “Sky on Fire”
David Holt – “Scituate Sunset”
Carolyn Kami-Loughlin – “TANDEM”
Maureen Mann – “Ian’s Spool”
Valerie Mine – “Triphammer Walk”
Ruth Mullen – “Nantasket Dory”
Irwin Nesoff – “Red Barn in Winter Cohasset”
Dianne Panarelli-Miller – “Silvery Sunset”
Lois Pothier-Peterson – “Hingham Harbor Walkway”
Betsy Taylor – “After Labor Day, Nantasket”
Sandra Weeks – “Tree on Sohier Street”
Lara Williams – “Sea of Green”

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