Hull As Muse

Why have so many artists made Hull their home? ...

Scenic Hull

Ask a painter and she or he will say, “it is the scenic splendor.”   Ask a photographer, and she or he will say, “it is the light!”  Beauty is indeed is in the eye of the beholder.  And for Hull Artists, there is much to inspire.  The slender peninsula that is Hull slips free of Massachusetts’ Southern Coast and stretches out amidst Boston’s Harbor Islands, with Boston itself looming large in the distance. Graced by glorious sunrises and sunsets, long beaches, rocky coastlines, eco-rich wetlands, seagull-flocked lobster boats, workhorse Coast Guard ships, surfers and paddle boarders, Hull is muse.  Our artists draw from it. It fuels their creativity.

Historic Hull

Hull has had a long and storied past. It once served as the holiday destination for elite Bostonians who wanted a getaway from their urban chaos. They flocked here to “take the waters.”  Later the area became known for Paragon Park, a destination for those literally seeking a thrilling ride.

Hull as Vacation Playground or Home

Today, tourists from all around the world flock to Hull, usually to soak up the sunshine and take full advantage of Nantasket Beach. The population of Hull increases dramatically in the summers.

Hull is home to the Hull Lifesaving MuseumThe museum honors the many miraculous rescues of Joshua James. James was known for saving sailors who shipwrecked along the shallow shores of Nantasket Bay as they make their way into Boston Harbor. The museum is the home of the original rescue surfboat, “Nantasket,” and the Breeches Buoy apparatus (an early version to today’s zip lines), deployed to haul sailors to land from ships wrecked within reach of shore. Thus, the U. S. Coast Guard Service was born. Indeed, in 2015, the town of Hull was awarded a coveted place as a Coast Guard City, only the 21st city ever to be so acknowledged.

Hull’s citizens embrace life by the sea. Numerous Rowing Clubs meet regularly.  Rowers can be seen along the Weir River or setting off to Boston’s many Harbor Islands, including the island home to Boston Light, one of Massachusetts most famous lighthouses which sits a stone’s throw from Hull.Sailboats anchor in the Bay all summer; the Hull Yacht Club hosts weekly Regattas; motorboats ply our waters and often drop anchor near World’s End for an overnight rest.