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Seeking a way to connect with fellow artists? Inspired to support the Arts in your community? Want to meet new friends?

Whatever your reason, we welcome new members.  Hull Artists’ membership is comprised predominantly of artists.

However, we also have patrons who contribute to the organization in multiple ways.  We are pleased to welcome both types of membership.  We have a range of membership options available for artists, patron members, and volunteers.

Hull Artists (HA) is a regional tax-exempt arts association with a wide breadth of exhibiting artists who work in a variety of fine art and craft media.  Although based in Hull, HA draws members from other South Shore communities.  Any artists working in fine art and craft are invited to join.

Financial benefits for individuals include:

  • 10% off all purchases at Gallery Nantasket
  • 10% off all courses/workshops offered through HA
  • Discounts at local retail and service businesses

Other membership benefits to help promote your art include:

  • Being an exhibiting member of Gallery Nantasket our vibrant artists retail gallery
  • Receiving great visibility and sales during the twice-annual Open Studio Tours.  Over 1,000 people visit artists in their home studios, and community venues.
  • Exhibiting and selling your art at other exhibit sites in Hull and surrounding communities.
  • Promoting yourself and your art on our website,
  • Having your art and activities featured on HA’s Facebook and Instagram accounts.
  • Participate in two Chamber of Commerce sponsored events in September and November that bring in hundreds of local townspeople.
  • Participate in our annual En Plein Air fundraising event in June at Jo’s Nautical Bar; a fun event where lots of local patrons come to see and bid on our artwork.
  • View our full 2020 Schedule Exhibits Click here

An intangible benefit of being a member of Hull Artists is the sense of belonging to a collective of like-minded artists who share your interests.  Hull Artists prides itself on its collegiality, camaraderie and support for the arts and fellow artists.  Our monthly meetings, and many other events, provide social and informational opportunities to learn about each other and our thriving arts community.

Membership in Hull Artists

Welcome!  We’re thrilled that you’re interested in joining (or renewing with) Hull Artists. To join or renew your membership, please fill out this form. 

Once you click “submit” at the bottom of the page, you will be redirected to make a secure payment with a credit card (or PayPal), or provided with instructions for paying by check. There are many different Artist Membership levels: Individual, $40, Family (incl. artist) $50, Student (in school) $20, Supporter $60, Patron $100 and Benefactor $250.

Please note that your membership is activated when we receive your payment. Your membership renewal date will be one year from the first day of the month that follows the month that you activated (i.e., if you pay in January, your renewal date will be Feb 1st the following year. If you pay in May, your renewal date will be June 1st the following year.) 

The following information will be used for apprising you about Hull Artists’ activities and creating your Artist’s Portfolio. It will not be shared outside our association.


Artist Form[Main]
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Artist’s Mediums

Please further define each medium with which you work, in 5 words or less

Artist’s Products

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Photo Upload

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Hull Artists welcomes Patron Members. A majority of the organization’s members are active artists. However, we do have several members who are not artists, but who contribute to the group in lots of ways.

  • Explore Hull Artists — Perhaps the best first step is to check out the organization. You can do this either by speaking with some of our members, attending a monthly meeting and/or visiting an exhibit or event.
  • Contribute — Identify ways that you can contribute to the organization. This can happen in any number of ways. You can either get involved in existing events or come up with an event or project idea yourself.

We look forward to getting to know you and having you get involved in Hull Artists.

Businesses, professionals and service providers are invited to join HA at various levels.  Business members provide vital support for Hull Artists to carry out its mission of promoting locally produced art and providing access to it for the community.

The benefits of a business membership depend on the needs of the business and are open to discussion with HA leadership.  Benefits could include listing or advertising on our website as well as promotion at our exhibit venues, receptions and events. 

In addition, you get the satisfaction of supporting local art and artists!

Consider exhibiting your work at Gallery Nantasket!

To get more information on exhibiting with Gallery Nantasket, please complete the form, and one of our team members will connect with you shortly.

Please read our requirements below to become a Gallery Member.

requirement for AA & SA 1_6_22

All current members (2019) are eligible for inclusion in the Artists’ Gallery. HA members who are already listed in the Artists’ Gallery may choose to keep the current statement and photos, or update them.

To get listed, or update your current listing, please follow these instructions:


Write a biographical artist’s statement (about 1 page or less) in whatever style you choose. You may look at those currently on the site for ideas and inspiration. The bio/statement can include further links to the artist’s personal website or elsewhere. Connie Crosby has volunteered to help anyone with writing or editing. Please contact her at


Provide a “head shot” (or other realistic personal photo of you) cropped in a square (Instagram style works). If you can’t crop, please provide a photo with sufficient space around the subject, you, so it can be cropped.

Provide 5-8 photos of your art that you would like showcased on the website.

  • The photos should be in jpg or jpeg file format (almost universally used in software programs and cameras). Many cameras are capable of taking quality photos.
  • The file name should include your last name followed by the art work’s title: Blumberg_SwansByTheRiver.jpg This name may be used on the website. If you are not able to rename a file, or it’s too long, provide a text listing of your submitted pieces/images.
  • If you are able to crop the photo to show only the art (not any distracting background), that would be helpful. You need not worry about resizing for the web or cropping to a particular “aspect ratio” (width relative to length).
  • Bart, or another HA photographer, will (without charge) professionally edit, crop, resize and reformat, as necessary, to produce an image,as fine as possible, for the website.

If, for whatever reason, you are not able to produce quality photos of your art work, you may contact Bart Blumberg (781-789-3208) who will arrange with you to take photos of your art. He will edit the photos for the HA website and provide you with digital copies. The charge for this service is $25 for a half-hour session. (Photographing and editing for other purposes, such as online show entry sites, prints, etc. can be discussed separately.)

There is no deadline per se, but uploading to the HA website will be on a “first come, first served” basis. Depending on the response, we hope to get everyone who is interested listed in the next couple of months. We hope you will take advantage of this excellent opportunity to be included, and help Hull Artists help you be more successful!

PLEASE NOTE: This form will not accept images uploaded from a mobile device.  If this is the only way you can upload photos, please email them directly to

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Artist’s Mediums

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Artist’s Products

Please further define each product you create, in 5 words or less


Bio Photo

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Portfolio Photos

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