Karin Nauth Shelley

Karin Nauth ShelleyKarin Nauth Shelley is a Patron Member of Hull Artists and the elected Chair of Open Studios 2016.  Not technically an artist, Karin has a longstanding appreciation for the crucial role art plays in creating thriving communities, and expanding individual horizons.  Karin has an innate desire to be creative herself.  By profession, she is an international software innovation marketing strategist and leads marketing programs and initiatives for technology firms all over the world.  In her professional endeavors, as a Marketing & Management Executive, her creativity takes the form of ideas that take shape in a business context.   As Patron Member of Hull Artists, Karin contributes to the organization in several ways, including overall marketing.  Most recently, Karin has just taken the baton to Chair one of the organization's most major event series --  the 2016 Hull Artists Open Studio Summer Series.