Classes Taught by Members

If you would like to have your class(es) listed here contact Kim Draper

Friday Plein Air Painters

(not a class but an opportunity to paint outside with others)

Created by Marianne Buckley-Curran /

Bernie King Pavilion, Nantasket Ave., Sept 22. Enjoy vista views of the Atlantic, waves crashing into shore or the nostalgic Paragon Carousel, all from this vantage point. Parking is free or get a one-time fee sticker for “senior class” through the DCR.

Mary Jeanette Murray Bath House, Sept 29th. Focus on the Art Deco inspired building exterior with interesting pergola or the great Atlantic Ocean as you find yourself between the Bay and the Ocean here on DCR property. Parking is free this time of year or get  a one time fee sticker for “senior class” through the DCR.

Private residence on the Bayside, October 6th. Views of World’s End, Harbor Islands and Victorian homes, all at one spot. Parking will be on the street. 

Home of Artist Randy Veragus, 4 Arthur Street out at the Point, October13th.  Join us on her porch, pick to set up by Ocean Wall or Bayside.

Town Gazebo on the Bay, October 20th. Parking free at Hull Public Parking corner of Nantasket Ave/ Bay St/Hull Shore Drive (Also known as HRA Lot South). Also, you can try hotel overflow parking if it’s empty. Walk gear across street to gazebo or paint by sea wall.

Weir River/ Straits Pond Bridge, October 27th, just as you arrive onto Nantasket Ave., adjacent to West Corner is the bridge and Marsh area where the Weir River and Straits Pond meet. Park along the street and set up on the bridge or behind the local shops adjacent to the marsh. Great views of pond, marsh and perhaps a Bald Eagle.