September 9 & 10 Open Studios

Always free always fun!


Dassie Abelson Studio

Landscape acrylic paintings
1037 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA

Trish Baggott

Collage, acrylic, mixed media
18 Channel Street Hull, MA

Sandie Baler-Segal

Unique handcrafted jewelry designs
23 Kenberma Street, Hull, MA


Bart Blumberg

Decorative & fine art photography
51 Park Avenue, Hull, MA

Deb Brams

Unique polymer clay jewelry
605 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, MA

Nancy Byron

Watercolor & acrylic
605 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, MA

Karen Campbell

Drawing, printmaking, oil painting
41 E St. Hull, MA

Beverly DellaValle Studio 

Hand woven reed baskets
23 Kenberma Street, Hull, MA

John Marshall Dyke

Oil, acrylic, watercolor
156 Brockton Circle, Hull, MA

Gallery Nantasket

Local artists showing all media
Ocean Place Condominiums
121 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA

Nanci Jaye

Mosaics: windows, tables, mirrors, pictures
72 Park Avenue, Hull, MA

Stacey Kevorkian 

Handcrafted, one of a kind jewelry
45 P Street. Hull, MA

Peter Mallen

Oil paintings, prints & jewelry
121 Jerusalem Rd. Cohasset, MA

Cathy McCarthy

Medium to large pastels, acrylics & mosaic works
117 Nantasket Ave. Hull, MA

Joe McKendry

Seascape watercolors
145 Beach Ave. Hull, MA

Terry McMahon

Wire wrapped sea glass jewelry
18 P Street, Hull, MA

Lori Messenger

Handmade lampworked beads & silver jewelry
18 Shore Garden Road, Hull, MA

Valerie Mine

Pastel, paintings & fused glass
Hull Lifesaving Museum
1117 Nantasket Ave, Hull, MA

Davina Perl

Oil paintings, watercolors & hand embellished giclee
8 Studley Royal Rd. Scituate, MA

Meredith Richardson

Sculpture from nature
21 Prospect Ave. Hull, MA

Sylvia Stephen 

1037 Nantasket Avenue, Hull, MA

Lesley Waite 

Oli paintings
139 Manomet Ave. Hull, MA

Lara Williams

Encaustic (beeswax) landscape paintings & monotypes
18 P Street, Hull, MA

Kathy Zola

Hand-woven, hand-knit functional pieces
5 Adams Street, Hull, MA

Bill Wallace

 Mixed media wall art, PVC cocktail and side tables

11 P Street, Hull, MA

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