Our Artists

We are proud to have so many talented artists.  As you explore our artists, you'll see that they represent a wide array of creative disciplines.  If you see something you like please contact the artist directly, or contact Hull Artists to get further information.  Enjoy!

Please click on artist’s name to view bio and portfolio.

Dassie Abelson

 Carolyn Aliski

Sandie Baler-Segal

Priscilla Beadle

Bart Blumberg

Deborah Brams

Bob Brown

Marianne Buckley-Curran

Janet Byrnes

Cynthia Campbell

Paula Campbell

Sheila Connor

John Cook

Julia Cooper

Connie Crosby

Jocelyn Dana Thomas

Beverly Della Valle

William Kyros

Evelyn Lane

Laura Leventhal

Carol Lewenberg

Jo Loughnane

Donna Lundberg

Michael Domina

Mike Doyle

Dennis Doyle

Judith Duffhy

J Marshall Dyke

Laura Eaton

Donna Elkin

Lisa Flashenburg

Madeleine Floyd

Richard Glackemeyer

Donna Goes

Paul Goes

Judy Green

Sue Hagstrom

Jennifer Holbrook

Diane Houghton

William Hoyte

Maria Hubbard

Harvey Jacobvitz

Susan Jacobvitz

Nanci Jaye

Ginger Jensen

Martha Kempe

David Macaulay

Colleen MacDonald

Tamara Mann

Heather Martin

Caitlyn Mayfair

Marilyn McDonnell

Terry McMahon

Lori Messenger

Leslie Miller Jewett

Shirley Moloney

Irwin Nesoff

Lory Newmyer

Shirley Moloney

Mary O'Brien

Linda Pedersen

Lois Peterson

Avis Pinkos

Gini Pomeroy

Kathy Raney

Ami Ray

Lynn Ray

Paul Ray


Sheri Anastos
Katherine Bouldin
Colleen Gallagher
Laura Leventhal
Nancy Yellin


Theresa Brown  
Dream-Scapes custom draperies