April Smith

Born in Boston, I grew up in Norwell and as a little girl, I was always interested in artistic endeavors. The list goes on from arts & crafts, making movies with friends, as well as spending hours transforming my entire basement into “Barbie’s World.”

I am a constant seeker and interested in Social Justice so I decided to pursue a career as a lawyer, yet my passion for art still remained. While in college I worked at an Art Gallery and engaged in a variety of creative ventures while I studied relentlessly.

Life threw me many curveballs in the health department and, despite acquiring a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Criminal Justice as well as my Juris Doctor; my passion for law dramatically waned. I never became a lawyer.

As I coped with illness, several surgeries & crippling PTSD; I dabbled in various artistic ventures that I really never got off the ground because they were far too elaborate for me to accomplish on my own. I consider myself a visionary and master observer so taking pictures of anything I found different, enlightening or beautiful has been extremely grounding for me.

After moving to Hull, I grew more and more inspired to follow my passions in a more realistic way that did not require me to know technical skills. I collected rocks while walking the beach and turned them into something both decorative and useful.

Regarding my photography, some may “just” see a sunset or a flower, but I see much more. Bringing life to a still picture is my ultimate goal. My long-term future goal is to create a photographic essay of my healing journey in this magical peninsula. I am grateful to be a member of Hull Artists and to get to know others that also value art in all of its forms. I also hope I can inspire others to know that it is never too late to reinvent yourself.

Email:   AnchorApril1@gmail.com
Phone: (617) 504-9694

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