Bart Blumberg

Artist Statement
“Making the Ordinary Extraordinary”

Thank you for the opportunity to share my enthusiasm for photography with you.

For the past decade, I have improved my technical and artistic use of the medium to bring the feelings of a moment I’ve experienced to the viewer. I often try to capture a “wow!” moment of beauty, an emotionally evocative connection with people, or a unique perspective of a structure. I want the viewer to reflect on a time they, too, experienced something similar or to create a new perception.

Living on Boston’s South Shore for two decades, I have had the advantage of the ever-changing sea and landscape to inspire me. I’m often drawn to the fleeting magical lighting created by a moonrise, or the connection of structures with the ocean. However, as an avid world traveler (including France, Italy, Costa Rica, India, Cuba, Mexico, and Peru) I also enjoy the challenge of capturing the area’s people, culture, architecture, and natural beauty.

As an active, professional artist, I enjoy my social and collegial relationships with my fellow artists. I’m on the board of the Hull Artists association and exhibit regularly in regional shows,
occasionally winning awards. Over the past decade, I’ve gone from “I take pictures,” to “I’m a photographer,” to “I’m an artist and photography is my medium.” I thoroughly enjoy taking and sharing my photos. I welcome inquiries about purchasing my art.



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