Bart Blumberg


As a fine art and decorative photographer, I try to use the camera as a tool to create feelings in the viewer. These feelings might be positive, negative or neutral, but the goal is to get the viewer to react.  I strive to find a subject and perspective that the more casual viewer would not see and display it in a captivating way.

My portfolio contains a wide variety of genres. I like to think of myself as a photographer who does not specialize, but is open to photographic opportunities. I draw inspiration from my attraction to all visual and graphic arts.  My strengths include landscapes, architecture, nature, travel, and a range of people as subjects.

My work has been exhibited and received awards in various national and regional juried shows including The Boston Museum of Fine Art, national shows at the South Shore Art Center in Cohasset (where I’ve won two Honorable Mention, the Plymouth Art Guild (where I’m a juried “Russell Gallery Artist”), and other regional shows.

Through Hull Artists my work has been shown at the Gallery Nantasket and in solo and group shows at Town venues and various events. As an active member of Hull Artists I enjoy the camaraderie and mutual support of fellow artists in a wide variety of media and supporting the local Arts through the organization’s activities.

Online portfolio:

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