Carol Patch

After a long, fun career as an advertising copywriter, I decided it was time to leave the catchy jingles and strategic marketing objectives to someone else. I studied both Creative Writing and Studio Art during my academic years and equally delighted in both. My undergrad years included Bates College, Brown University, courses at The Museum School of Art and Rhode Island School of Design. I created an independent major at Brown in Creative Writing/Poetry and have had poetry published in a number of journals. And while I’m still in love with the written word, I increasingly marvel at the way color and texture can communicate like a well-turned story.
One year ago, I picked up the paintbrush again and started “writing stories” in Acrylics. I’ve worked in oils, pastels, paper and fabric. I enjoy experimenting and combining mediums. I prefer abstracts because, like poetry, they evoke emotion by creating a powerful image with few, or no words at all. Abstracts invite the viewer to interpret a work through the lens of their own imagination and real world experience.
I have been fortunate to live near the ocean all my life, many of those years on an island in Maine where the rocky coast, wild meadows and tall pines have made deep impressions that are often woven into my work.
My work attire is now a paint splattered, over-sized shirt and bare feet, rather than a crisply pressed suit and a pair of ungodly uncomfortable heels. I feel freed by the opportunity to create outside the lines – outside the specific client goals and “on-point” messaging that used to drive me. I am thrilled to be a new member of the Hull Artists Coop, to be engaging with other like-minded artists, both new and established, and to have an opportunity to share my work. 

Phone: 781-898-4847



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