Dan Levesque

From Weymouth, I grew up in a home full of art, with my mom always drawing & painting and my dad being a musician. We were always encouraged to create, and while I enjoyed it, I never found my true medium until I was an adult.

I took up photography when I was in the US Air Force, as I had befriended a bunch of photographers who lovingly told me to “stop making suggestions and start shooting photos!” myself. So, I did. Starting out with an old Nikon DSLR, I started shooting anything and everything, with a particular interest in portrait photography. The creative fire had been ignited inside me, and I was working with local models doing photoshoots around the clock. Since moving home to MA after separating from the USAF in 2019, my photography is far less an organized endeavor and far more on my own schedule. I have expanded beyond digital photography and have recently taken up film photography as well. I have also began drawing and painting pieces for myself and family members, with hopes to further my abilities and education in all of my mediums.

Academically, I’m a scientist, having graduated with a BS in Environmental Science from UMass Boston in 2023. I’m continuing on to Marine Science & Technology graduate studies at UMB in the Fall of 2023. Along my college career, I have managed to fit in a handful of photography and art classes, but the majority of what I’ve learned has been self-taught and absorbed from the knowledge of my talented friends and family. I hope to learn more every day, and to one day have my work truly qualify as fine-art photography. It’s my dream to have my photos hanging in a gallery, and if I’m lucky, maybe sell one!

Email: levesque.813@gmail.com

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