David Kunitz

I’m David Kunitz, a woodworker and artisan. I love creating useful objects that are also aesthetically pleasing.
I was raised in Massachusetts and spent my teenage years going to Paragon Park. I have many fond memories of the park, but the most vivid memory is when the roller coaster safety bar detached on the first hilltop, and I almost got thrown from the car. I can still feel the wind in my hair and the terror in my heart as I held on for dear life!
We recently bought a house in Hull, where I have a studio/workshop that I call Nantasket Beach Woodworks. I work primarily with wood, which I harvest locally from downed trees, driftwood, and reclaimed wood. I rescue these resources from being burned or thrown away, and I love finding new ways to use them in my projects.
My professional training is in Industrial Design, where I focused on toys. I have designed toys for Star Wars, G.I. Joe, Tonka, and Matchbox… My passion is designing toys that encourage children to learn through play. My other interests include beekeeping, ceramics, and boating. I’m always eager to take on a new project, and I love sharing my knowledge and skills with others. Thank you for reviewing my portfolio. I hope you enjoy it.

Email: designing1604@gmail.com

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