Donna Goes

Born and raised in Brockton, MA, Donna is a graduate of Massachusetts College of Art and Design where she studied Fashion Design.
Following college she spent most of her years working as a toy designer for Hasbro.

Her current artistic expression uses common plastic bags destined for landfill that are artfully transformed into richly layered abstracts. Plastic grocery bags and mesh produce sacks undergo metamorphosis by fire (well almost; they are melted with an iron between sheets of parchment paper). The newly formed compound is cut and fused by heat again and again until the final image emerges. The color you see in her images are the bags themselves sometimes with stitched details.

A year round resident of Hull since 2011, and a member of Hull Artists, South Shore Art Center, North River Arts Society, Scituate Arts Association and Duxbury Art Association, Donna shares her home studio and love of art with her husband Paul.




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