Joanna Frazier

​Raised in Hull, MA, the ocean has always been a source of inspiration for Jo. Frazier devoted her early working years to education, both environmental and in the classroom. After the chaos of pandemic teaching in the spring of 2020, she took a leap of faith, temporarily leaving the world of education to pursue personal passions. It was during the summer of 2020 that Frazier took to the high seas for a year to learn how to crew on a 36 foot sailboat. One year turned into two, then three. Now, she lives a life she only had formerly dreamed of; traveling the east coast to the far reaches of the Caribbean, days filled with nature and art.

Since leaving the classroom, she has painted hundreds of pet portraits both on land and at sea. Outside of commissioned work, the thousands of photographs from her travels provide inspiration for her popular needle felted scenes. Both her wool and acrylic paintings in the adventure genre reflect the fear, beauty, and freedom that come with a life on the water. From familiar scenes of Boston Harbor to the crystal waters of the Caribbean, her art is not to be missed!



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