Jocelyn Dana Thomas

About me: I grew up in the northern most part of Maine, Aroostook County. I have a love of outdoors and nature. I left my wonderful home state to roam with friends to Wyoming, and then on to California, and Washington states, and eventually in 2007 found a home in Cohasset, Massachusetts. My husband and I had an opportunity to live in Basel Switzerland 2010-2013. I still feel a piece of me is still tied to each of these places. I document these places, and places I’ve traveled through painting and in other forms of art.

About my art: I usually explain my art as a journal of my life journey. Each piece is an entry as to where I am experimenting at the moment, I don’t just have one style, or medium. I paint to capture my feelings, celebrations, sense of humor, a political comment, and the places and people and things I love, and a reflection on things missed. I enjoy creating the magic of moments and concepts with an illustrative tilt. I often work on pure landscapes. I enjoy painting figures in nature, and barns, and animals. I like to use animal symbols and totems, crows and ravens come up often for their spiritual significance surrounding the mystery of creation, and transformation. I have been layering my late father Joel’s designs into my paintings for the past few years to weave our artwork together, those works carry his name in the titles. I also make fused glass, crochet funny hats with holes for pig or ponytails, and I make temporary sculptures with wood, cheese cloth, and rocks throughout my yard. Hope to see you stop in during Open Studios.


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