Karen Campbell

Hi, my name is Karen Campbell. I am a multimedia artist and illustrator.
I love quiet days in my studio but when the weather allows, I am eager to get outside and capture the amazing nature and coastal landscapes that surround me. My favorite thing about creating art is getting fully absorbed in a subject and capturing the small details that make it unique.
Formally, I studied drawing and printmaking at The School of Art and Design, East Carolina University, North Carolina. Today I enjoy experimenting with lots of different mediums and techniques, whatever seems to fit the subject matter and composition best. In my portfolio you will see a lot of colored pencil and graphite work. Often combined with watercolor or gouache. Recently I have really gotten back into printmaking, pastels, and water-based oil painting.

Email: karen@kcampbellfinearts.com

Website: kcampbellfinearts.com

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