Kathy Zola

Fiber artist, Kathy Zola, has played with yarn and color for as long as she can remember. Her practical yankee side has her making pieces that serve a purpose in daily life. Her artist’s side finds a tactile excitement in watching tarn grow into woven and knit pieces. Her soul experiences an uplifting joy in seeing people’s pleasure in the special items made for them

Most of her designs are one of a kind, exploring color combinations, patterns, fiber combinations, in knitting and weaving. Everything is hand-crafted using mostly natural fibers, and they make really special gifts.

She sells both online (Etsy and website) and locally in the Boston MA area and is currently active in the Boston Weaving Guild, Hull Artists, Gallery Nantasket, Westwood Artists, the Dedham Women’s Exchange, and the Knitting Guild of America.

Email: kathyzolafiber@gmail.com

Website: KathyZolaFiber.com 

Etsy: etsy.com/shop/KathyZolaFiber


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