Kim Draper

Throughout my life creating things has been my life force. I love getting lost in the intricacies of designing and producing things, whether it be jewelry, furniture, custom canvas bags, a house or a perennial garden.  Though, when I found polymer clay, my heart was stolen.
One quality of this medium is its ability to imitate natural materials: ivory, wood and stone. “Lucky rocks”, gray stones with a white circle completely around it are my diamonds.  I love spending hours at the shore looking for the perfect stone.  With polymer clay I can make a set of perfect “lucky stones”; even a graduated set with matching earrings….talk about being lucky. 
Also, with polymer clay I get to create with an inexhaustible cacophony of color.  I can mix colors and have the colors move through a piece.  I am lately drawn to creating contemporary kinetic objects such as earrings that can spin and hanging mobiles.
Being recently retired I get to immerse myself in this craft and the glorious coastal community of Hull.  This brings me great joy as I hope my creations will for you. 





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