Leslie Miller Jewett

Born and raised in Quincy, I’m a self-taught artist. Since a very young age I loved to color and draw and paint and…whatever. I just liked to make stuff and I’d use whatever was handy. I never grew out of it. I don’t have a particular medium that I favor over another, so I describe myself as a mixed-media artist. I like to work intuitively because for me it’s more about the process than the end result. Creating is a form of meditation to me. It helps to calm the anxiety and depression that I’ve lived with for as long as I can remember. There’s nothing as therapeutic for me as a brush on canvas or pen to paper.

Nantasket Beach and Paragon Park in particular had a major impact on me. I have clear memories of being in the car and getting super excited when I could see the wooden frame of the roller coaster begin to peek around the corner. Though I would only be tall enough to ride it the summer that the Park closed. To me, it was the most magical place on earth. Now, I live in Weymouth just 15 minutes from Hull with my husband and Pug, Jax. I still visit often, when I need to relax, contemplate or just want to ride on the carousel. It’s just as magical to me today as it was back then.

Etsy: https://www.etsy.com/shop/ZENSQRL
Website: http://www.lesliemillerjewett.com/
Email: leslie@lesliemillerjewett.com

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