Marianne Buckley-Curran

As an artist I strive to communicate through visuals . I have been drawing, painting and creating a variety of forms of art since I can remember. I  like to think of it as visuals in all shapes and sizes. I am fortunate to have another career in addition to my personal creation process and that is to encourage and guide youth to engage their creative energies. I teach visual art and physical education which utilize both of those aspects of learning. For an artist to be active and surrounded by creative thinking is ideal and I believe my art and myself benefit immensely from that environment.

As a practicing profession of art and education I am constantly looking for opportunities for growth, learning new techniques, broadening my knowledge, expanding my horizons so to say….  I am a firm believer in the learning process and constantly fueling the intellectual, spiritual and emotional components of our lives.  

Twenty plus years ago I started hosting fine art events and marketing other artists’ work. I had the opportunity to study and work with some established artists, Eli Shamir, Joanne F. Regan, Bob Lesieur and most recently John Kilroy. With their guidance and the addition of classes at Mass Art, SMFA and at the Art Institute I learned about design, color theory, portraiture, landscape and figure drawing, using a variety of media.

My process is inspired from my interactions and observations in and of life. My choice is to work on site and use direct observation skills. At times I need to use reference photos or studies that I have made on site to complete my painting back in my studio. I give classes for adults through our local community education.

Some of my past work has been in the form of murals created for Canton Public Library, Hull Public Library and the Heritage Company. I work in watercolor, oil and acrylics with some pieces now held in private and corporate collections such as Avalon Bay Corporation and Weston Graphics. My pet portraits are handled through Framing Concepts and Hingham Furniture and Design.


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