Maureen Mann

A South Shore native and Spiritual Counselor, Maureen synthesized her love of the beach, photography, and meditation to help people connect with the healing properties of the ocean.

The images and reflections in her Reiki-infused oracle decks will provide you with spiritual guidance and empowering wisdom. Each of the seascape images pairs with its own reflection, meditation, and crystal to deepen your experience with the cards. She encourages you to ​use the deck to simply enjoy the beauty of nature or to gain insight. For example, while shuffling, you can say “Show me what will bring inspiration and joy. ” This process guided Seascape Reflection’s inspired creation, from when Maureen captured the landscape photographs to when she later sat in meditation to receive the corresponding card messages.

Maureen’s Seascape Reflections Oracle Cards and digital downloads of her photography, guided meditations, and Seascape Reflections Journal are available for purchase at


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