Meredith Richardson

I enjoy combining objects and materials you don’t expect to be together. Many of them tend to be from nature, such as shells, branches and stones. I tend to work on several pieces at a time, becoming inspired to add something to one while letting the others marinate.

I studied formal drawing and painting in high school and college but always preferred three dimensional art. Making jewelry was probably my first passion. Then grandmothers taught me knitting and crocheting. One day a turkey wishbone looked like a great vehicle for yarn and beads. My newest fascination is with stones and crystals, so I work them into my projects. A streak of neon pink or blob of glitter becomes the finishing touch.

I prefer what comes out now over what I learned in school. Art has always balanced the rigid lessons of the educational system – for me, art has no rules and no limits. It keeps me flexible like a tree and flowing like water.



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