Morgan Davis

Morgan Davis, Professional Fine Artist has been teaching drawing and painting for the community for over 15 years. A graduate of Eastern Nazarene College, she has continued her artistic academic fine art studies in a four-year private apprenticeship under the intense tutelage at the private atelier of marine master painter Michael Keane where she studied the principles of classical fine art and techniques of 18th century painting.

She has been exhibiting her work for over forty years in numerous competitions and has received both local and national awards for her work and has had work included in some of the most prominent local and national art galleries. She holds a studio in Rockland, Ma where she is a member of an artist co-operative and has been participating in Bi-Annual Open Studios since 1995. She holds memberships in multiple art associations throughout the South Shore and has been featured in publications such as South Shore Living Magazine.

Artist’s statement:
Art is, and always has been the most primary mode of visual communication. While it influences our lives in every conceivable way, it has both the power to evoke emotions from the deepest core of a viewer’s soul and the sovereignty of altering human thought on a most profound level. As such, I believe it should raise awareness of the sublime in nature from the smallest quanta of organic matter, to the vast expanse of cosmic space.
It should uplift the human spirit by reminding us of the spiritual nature of our own divinity; of who and what we are; conscious beings of a heavenly and naturally sovereign world; products of the biosphere directly connected to the rhythms and the pulses of a prolific planet.



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