Nikki Storer

Hi! I’m Nikki. Artist, mom, wife and friend. My artistic inspiration comes from nature, especially the ocean.

Growing up on the coast in New England, I spent many happy summers at the beach. After moving around a bit, I am back living in New England, raising my own family by the sea.

For me, the ocean is the most enchanting, calming and happiest of places. Every time I go to the beach, I can’t help but snap a few shots. Now, I am turning these photos into art.

When I was a little girl, I wanted nothing more than to be an artist. It feels so good to be creating art and pursuing this lifelong dream.

I am inspired by the ocean and the sky. The way they move and the ever changing colors and reflections.

Most of my paintings are created from photographs I have taken. I use photos to study the way light hits the water, the shapes that create a wave, and the many different colors in any given cloud.

I find it fascinating that everything we see is simply groupings of dark and light shapes and colors. This is the basis of my thinking whenever I am creating.

After years of working exclusively with acrylic paints, I took a deep dive into oils and have never looked back. What I love most about them is the long dry time and unparalleled blendability, especially with respect to the movement of water and sky.

I hope you feel enchanted, calm and happy when you look at my pieces.


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