Peter Lavris

~ Photography helps people to see and appreciate the beauty around them. ~

Thank you for the opportunity to share my love and passion for photography with you.

For the past five years, I have been living in the New England area with my wife and daughter. During COVID, I had the urge to keep myself busy. I was able to explore the beauty around me and started to take pictures.

Photography has become very important to me. I have become passionate about taking photos and sharing them with others.

One of the reasons that photography means so much to me is because of my vision. Years ago, I was diagnosed with Keratoconus in my both of my eyes. It is a progressive cornea disease that can cause vision loss. Although I have had multiple cornea implants, my vision continues to decline. Taking photos has been very therapeutic. And has helped me become complete and joyful again. I take the photo and hope for the best.

I am a stubborn guy who won’t give up and let a debilitating disease stand in my way of doing something that I enjoy!

Living in New England, and now in Hull, is a photographer’s dream. I have had the advantage of the ever-changing seasons and the ocean landscape to inspire me. I also enjoy the challenge of capturing the area’s people, culture, architecture, and natural beauty. As a self taught amateur mobile photographer, I have so much more to learn in order to continue to hone my craft.

I am using my camera to see the world around me, and my pictures to speak my words. I didn’t choose photography, it chose me.

I hope you that you enjoy my photography and inquire about purchasing any of my photos.




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