Randy Veraguas

My name is Randy Zella Veraguas.  I’m 46 years young.  I’m a happy Mother and madly in love wife and when the mood is right, I think I’m a pretty decent artist, to boot! Texas was home most of the time, and when we could, we’d come to Hull for summer vacation.  From the first time I held my own camera at 12 years of age, I fell in love with the art.  I went through a roll of film in less than 10 minutes.  Thank goodness for modern day technology. 

While in college in Texas, CA and MA, I was developing my own shots with stinky chemicals, taking all the photography classes I could get my hands on.  Now all I do is play with editing apps on my cell phone to create the look I want.  I’ve taken water colors and charcoal sketching at the South Shore Art Center. 

I’ve taught Photoshop to the kiddos here in Hull during after school programs.  This is the year I want to develop the business of my art.  You can see some of my images on this website and more with the links below.

Cheers, Randy

Executive Director of the Hull Film Office:  www.nantasketsfilmbasket.weebly.com

Actress and Voice Over talent at Boston Casting: www.bostoncasting.com/rthreec

Web: www.art-impressions.weebly.com

Web: http://randy-veraguas.pixels.com


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