Randy Veraguas

My name is Randy Zella Veraguas. Born in 1970. I’m a happy Mother of a musician and the new curator for the Hull Town Hall exhibit & when the mood is right, I think I’m a pretty decent artist, to boot! Texas was home most of the time, and when we could, we’d come to Hull for summer vacation. From the first time I held my own camera at 12 years of age, I fell in love with the art. I went through a roll of film in less than 10 minutes. Thank goodness for modern day technology.
While in college in Texas, CA and MA, I was developing my own shots with stinky chemicals, taking all the photography classes I could get my hands on. Now all I do is play with editing apps on my cell phone to create the look I want. I’ve taken water colors and charcoal sketching at the South Shore Art Center and a wonderfully helpful painting class with HA’s very talented Marianne Buckley Curran.
I’ve taught Photoshop to the kiddos here in Hull during after school programs. Every year I say. “this is the year I want to develop the business of my art.”
Cheers, Randy

Email: Randy.Veraguas3@gmail.com

Web: www.art-impressions.weebly.com

Executive Director of the Hull Film Office: www.nantasketsfilmbasket.weebly.com
SAG-AFTRA Actress and Voice Over talent at Boston Casting: www.bostoncasting.com/rthreec



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