Sally Chisholm

I have lived in New England my entire life. Retired with my husband and dog, we have traveled all over the country by camper van and along the coast by boat from ME to the Bahamas. This has given me the opportunity to bring three passions together — adventure, wildlife and photography. I have never had formal training in photography but don’t remember a day without a camera nearby. It is just a part of who I am.

We get busy in our lives and often overlook the passing of seasons, bird migration and the cycle of life in nature. By looking around, keeping an eye to the sky and being observant, there is so much to see that is amazing but so often missed. Many birds pass through my hometown of Hull. Some touch down just for a day or so to rest while others like snow buntings pick Hull as their winter home after flying many miles from their summer nesting grounds in the arctic tundra. What I try to capture with my photography is the detail, behavior and personality of a living creature in their natural habitat, the unexpected and the beauty. I use these photos to create stories into an exciting learning experience for me and I hope for others.

My goal is to share these photographic stories to inspire people to understand and appreciate the power, beauty, balance and fragility of nature and the world around us.

I welcome comments and questions and can be reached at

“Listen to the land and you will know what to do.” — William Tempest




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