Stacey Kevorkian

 Stacey Kevorkian has been passionate about jewelry her entire life. In elementary school, all the Greek-American girls wore bracelets, necklaces and earrings daily. Being Greek, it is traditional for their jewelry, gifted from relatives was almost always real gold. All the little “Greek girls” would gather in the playground and compare their prized possessions.

Her mother loved jewelry of all kinds but was hard on her pieces and would frequently break clasps or knot chains. She would ask Stacey to fix them. It is amazing what small fingers and a pair of tweezers can accomplish. Stacey loved the challenge of attempting to repair jewelry.

Stacey has never been one to “follow the herd” and always sought out jewelry with meaning or personal appeal. She dreamed of creating her own jewelry but had no idea where to start. She has a BS from Babson College and spent many years working in the corporate universe and eventually selling residential real estate.

It never occurred to Stacey that following her passion was a possibility until a friend who is a jewelry appraiser told her that she had a “good eye” and to follow her passion. This friend encouraged Stacey to enroll in metalsmithing classes. Due to Covid shutdowns, Stacey first taught herself basic wire-wrapping techniques and then took private classes to further those skills. Eventually she was began taking metalsmithing classes at Metalwerx, a school for jewelry making and metal arts in Waltham. Stacey immediately fell in love for the tools, equipment, creative process and all things related to silver-smithing. Stacey is happiest when working on her creations and is continuously learning new techniques and skills.

In August of 2022, Stacey joined Metalwerx as a Studiomate which allows her a dedicated bench and greater access to studio time.

Stacey’s pieces are first created in her mind and then “translated” directly on the metals. Every piece is made by hand in the studio and thus no two pieces are exactly alike. Tasia Bellas Jewelry was born in 2021 and is named after Stacey’s paternal grandmother who was from a family of jewelers and bell makers in Greece.

Stacey is a 43-year Hull summer resident. She spends as many months as possible in Hull every year and resides on the north shore of Massachusetts the rest of the year.


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