Stacey Kevorkian

I have been passionate about jewelry my entire life, going back to elementary school when I would join all the other little Greek girls in the playground to compare our prized possessions: bracelets, necklaces and earrings, almost always real gold, which we wore daily.

My mother loved jewelry of all kinds but was hard on her pieces and would frequently break clasps or knot the chains. She would ask me to fix them…it is amazing what small fingers and a pair of tweezers can accomplish and I loved the challenge of repairing jewelry.

Never one to “follow the herd,” I always sought out jewelry with meaning or personal appeal. I attended Babson College and received a BS. During my many years working in the corporate universe and selling real estate I dreamt of creating my own jewelry but didn’t know where to start. It never occurred to me that I could follow my passion until a friend told me about Metalwerx, a school for jewelry making and metal arts in Waltham. I enrolled in metalsmithing classes. Due to Covid shutdowns, I first taught myself basic wire-wrapping techniques, and then took private classes. Eventually I was able to begin in-person classes at Metalwerx and instantly fell in love with the tools, equipment, creative process and all things related to silver-smithing. I am happiest when working on my creations and am continuously learning new techniques and skills. Every piece is made by hand in the studio and thus no two pieces are exactly alike.

And thus Tasia Bellas Jewelry was born. Named for my paternal Yiayia (grandmother) who was from a family of jewelers and bell makers in Greece, I’m honoring the tradition of a love of jewelry. Every piece is made by hand in the studio and no two pieces are exactly alike. My dream is that they will become someone else’s prized possessions.

As part of my woman owned business, many Thursdays on my Instagram page I feature a woman that I know and admire. It’s important to me to support other women in their endeavors and life in general. Also, anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore cats. I support a few cat shelters and their efforts to humanely control the feral cat population. To support this, I created cat earrings and pendants to help raise funds. To this end, 15% of the proceeds from each sale of cat earrings or pendants, is donated to a local no-kill cat shelter.

I am a 42-year Hull summer resident and spend as many months as possible in Hull every year. The remainder of the year I reside on the north shore of Massachusetts and dream about sitting on the porch and walking the beach.


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