Stephen Foley

​Overly grandiose musings of an amateur artist:)
For me, outward appearance is not really the goal. I very much prefer the simplicity of sketches, whether in pencil or paint, in expressing an idea in the heat of the moment. Too much diligence can, for me, sap the vitality of a piece.
My works, typically, begin with some emotion and, hopefully, reveal an inner picture that can be sensed by a viewer. That’s not to say that the viewer is meant to (or should) perceive the same emotion as the artist. I hope that whatever idea, sense or emotion stirs within someone viewing my work is something that already lives within their head and is something simply evoked by their interaction with a piece.
Quite honestly, I am seldom aware of any intent when beginning most of my work. More often than not, images manifest somewhat independently (as they live in my head) and their “sense” cannot really be articulated. In these instances a work can create a mystery that is deepened by one’s inability to quite put a finger on something. I hope only that, in some way, my works will draw a line around someone’s thoughts as they have mine when creating them.

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper


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