Sylvia Stephen

At one point while living here in the Boston area, I became attracted to jewelry design, which introduced me to the world of metal and stone. 

I am constantly improving my skills. I have learned from masters in the jewelry world such as Michael Boyd (lapidary),  Linda Priest (repoussé), Kohei Shoji (rings), Pauline Warg (metal beads and fusing), Paullete Werger (working with argentium), recently Victoria Lansford (russian filigree)and many others through courses at Metalwerx, a nonprofit school for metal arts in Waltham, MA, and at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. I create my jewelry with natural stones that I sometimes cut and polish myself, and set them in gold and silver. 

How do I create a piece of jewelry? When I see a stone for the first time, I am attracted by the color and shape, and can visualize how it will look together with gold or silver. Then I make a drawing and decide on the fabrication technique to be used. I include here my collection of necklaces, brooches, rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings, which have been created in my studio at Metalwerx.

My jewelry can be found at Gallery Nantasket

I live in Hingham, MA, with my cat Sebastian, and have a Bachelor of Arts degree in fine arts from the University of Chile in Santiago. 

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