Terry McMahon

So the teacher proceeded to go around the room and ask each of the first graders “What would you like to do when you grow up?” I thought about the question and without hesitation, I replied, “An artist?” The rest of the class laughed and with a grin on her face, the teacher said, “Terry, that’s not a profession. What do you want to do? A teacher? A Nurse?” Well, you get the picture…..

So, I grew up. Got a “real job” with a major corporation. Learned as much as I could about business, management, and all that goes with it. Now, after 31 years, I am retired from that real job and am LIVING my dream job.

Artistry and creativity have always been part of my life. If it was art or craft related, I wanted to learn it. And all those business courses I took got put to good use. While I enjoy working with lots of different media and crafts, I also enjoy the business side of things. I now am the Treasurer for Hull Artists. The more I learn, the happier I am. So, being primarily a self-taught artist with an education in business, I get to work with all sorts of people, talk about and teach what I love, while living the passion that has been part of me since I was a child.

At present, I am a jewelry artist specializing in wire wrapping. I have a studio in Rockland where I work on my creations, teach classes, and even have a small shop set up for those who would like to purchase my work or buy supplies and tools so they can make their own jewelry. My studio is located in the E.T. Wright Building, 379 Liberty St., Suite 101R-S, Rockland, MA. My work can also be found at Hull Artist’s Gallery Nantasket, HA’s Open Studios, and at the Plymouth Center of the Arts in Plymouth, MA., along with various shows around town. You can see my schedule of shows and appearances on my website.

Website: http://www.treesasstudio.com


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