Valerie Mine

Growing up in Rockport, MA, surrounded by art and artists, inspired painting from an early age. Now the gorgeous vistas of the South Shore capture my attention. Most of my paintings are of the sea or the beautiful landscapes of the surrounding area. Rocks and water, trees and paths, and the wonderful clouds that change and sweep across the sky with the changing weather… these are the things that grab my attention.

In my paintings I strive to convey a mood – to share the emotions that a scene evoked while I was painting. Switching from oil to pastel a few years ago, I find the immediacy and brilliance of pastel to be the perfect medium to capture these vistas.

My style can be best described as impressionism meets realism, and sometimes leans abstract. I strive foremost to portray the sense and feeling of a scene, but every now and then color just grabs my attention and I have to play!

I love to paint and I paint what I love.

Phone: 781-740-1425


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