​Zelda Adams

​Zelda Adams is a mixed-media artist who uses collage, painting, fabric, and other materials to create her art. She begins her creative process by flipping through a magazine, allowing her feelings to guide her, waiting for a spark of joy to cut out an image that may be a piece of her puzzle. She has no idea what she will create, until she starts gluing, painting, and threading string throughout the canvas so that an image appears and her cutouts fall into place. Her work is a process of discovery and faith that the different pieces will connect to form a whole.

When she is not creating art, she spends her days walking dogs and working at Breadbasket Bakery. Zelda is an adventurous person who, every few weeks, embarks on solo adventures across the world, including medicinal plant retreats, backpacking in India, and spending five days living in a pitch-black cave. An insatiable curiosity drives her to gain a deeper understanding of God, Nature, the Universe, and herself. She believes making art is a form of nonverbal communication with her Higher Self.

Zelda’s message to you is, “Even if you think you lack artistic talent, grab a magazine and start cutting out things: words, phrases, people, whole pages. Once you have at least ten items, step back and look at your extracts, then ask yourself, ‘What are you trying to say?’“

Zelda is the founder of Meditative Arts night at the Anchor of Hull on Saturdays at 5:30pm. It is a free and safe space to create mixed media collages with all materials provided. She has since handed leadership over to Gunnar Swanson who will be hosting every Saturday. Come check it out!!

Email: zeldaadams11@gmail.com

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