Rob Ruscansky

Hello, I’m Rob Ruscansky. The majority of my spare time is spent behind a camera or editing pictures I’ve already taken in an effort to make art. In fact, my camera is with me 95% of the time. You can be certain that if I’ve left it home, I will see something phenomenal.

I was born and raised here in Hull, Massachusetts and have lived in Southern CA as well as in Central FL. Though I haven’t travelled extensively, I have travelled some and am inspired by those memories as well as by the work I see from others who reside all over the globe not to mention the beautiful vistas here at home.

I have been married to my best friend for close to 30 years and we have 5 grown children and 2 grandchildren all of whom have played model for me and still do.

As a child I was influenced by my own dad who was a talented amateur photographer as well as the late Torrey Capo who was a phenomenal black and white nature photographer and photojournalist who was a resident of Hull. Mr. Capo’s work can be seen in back issues of the earlier versions of what we know today as the Hull Times for which he shot countless beautiful cover photos.

I belong to several groups online and in person that are made up of photographers and artists of other mediums who are a constant source of inspiration to me. There is a lot of friendly but constructive criticism to be had in these groups and that helps me to better my craft.

I was one of the original artists involved in the launching of Gallery Nantasket @ 121 Nantasket Ave. and though I no longer hang work there, the store is filled with fantastic works by dozens of gifted artisans working in a variety of mediums and disciplines.

I have won people’s choice in local photo competitions, took 3rd place in the ‘Open Color’ category at the Quincy Art Festival/Show in 2014 and a photograph I made currently graces the cover of the 2014 Hull Phone Book published by the Hull Rotary Club.

I have had my work hung inside The Nantasket Beach Resort, in a very busy doctor’s office in Dedham, MA and will hang my work in a salon in Hull in the coming months.

If you see my work around town at all, I hope you enjoy it.

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 South Shore Camera Club