Interested in volunteering?  Hull Artists is the perfect place!  We enthusiastically welcome volunteers.  And we need volunteers.  

What kinds of roles do we ask volunteers to take on?  

It depends.  The answer to that question really does depend on what particular activities and events are in gear, as well as where your interests lie.  Volunteer assignments range from helping us do public relations, distributing posters for Open Studios or other events, to collecting new artwork for exhibit changes, to working with businesses to sponsor events, and even doing email marketing for the group.  

Benefits of Volunteering

Whether you're simply interested in getting involved in your community and meeting people, or you're a student in need of some experience for your resume, contact us to get more information.  For  students, we're also happy to give you a reference in exchange for your help on certain projects.


Volunteers are asked to join the organization.  However, membership fees are free to volunteers.